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Originally Posted by Kat View Post
Could you clarify a couple of points, please.

1. Sometime ago skippy started a thread titled "Hold 'em Freaks Standing Invite" at MPF (with our approval). While HF admin/mods no longer post in that thread. we have been assuming that you would like us to continue to promote your games. Please let me know if that is no longer the case.

2. Am I required to contact you every week before posting the MPF schedule?

Thanks - Kat
If you had prior approval to do so then that is fine (I am almost certain you did). The big problem is with the posting of password for any game in the shoutbox/chatbox. This is and will always be forbidden. If you want to post a game that is for another forum you must either do so in The Lounge or Non Points Buy In forums.
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