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Old 06-05-2010, 12:53 AM
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Default My Thoughts

First off I'd like to say that I know I don't play alot of our games. It isn't for lack of desire, but lack of funding. I, like many others only play when I have the extra funds to do so. That being said, take my thoughts for what they are...Mine. This is in no way me getting on a soap box or demanding changes, just some things that I see that might make things better.

It is my opinion that since the early game is our major competition it should be NLHE only. I love playing different games, but it is like throwing a wild card out to certain players on a given night. I don't mean this to be that we have specialists in a certain game, but that there are more players that are not as comfortable or well versed in other games.

I also don't like bounties in the early game as they alter the way people play. Who hasn't called a low stacked bounty's all in with a hand they normally wouldn't play???

My proposal would be that the early game be Holdem Freaks No Limit Championship , no bounties, no other games, and be $5.50 buy-in all but the last game of the month.

The Late game could then be Holdem Freaks All-Round Championship and consist of a different game each night. I would suggest we follow the 8game layout minus one of the stud games. This league could have all the bounties in it and different buy ins.

I would also like to have an HFSOP with a $50 buy in Championship to which we can have satellites.

These are just some thoughts I have had while playing here and there. I'd like to hear what you guys and gals think, good bad or indifferent.
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Old 06-05-2010, 05:48 PM
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Well thought out Skippy. I am one of those who just plain prefers NLHE to other forms of the game. I kind of think you will run in to some resistance on which game is the one to change up only insofar as the time difference for some of the players. Some just can't make the late game as for them, it is too late. Still it is good to have ideas put forward as away to make our forum better and better.
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