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Old 09-22-2010, 10:01 AM
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Default Poker and Alcohol?

hey guys some players drink and play poker, for my personal opinion its not a good idea doing these, you really get stupid doing this? what do you think? good luck guys

Many believe that poker - a game whose outcome depends on luckHowever, this is not the case in this game a lot depends on your skill and your knowledge, the ability to sense and anticipate the bluff at the card table.

No gambling, based on sheer luck, has so many fans and championships, as poker. Poker so popular that it played in all countries, even held the world championship of poker, where the strongest players are going to this exciting game.

Playing at a table in poker, you always have a chance to get out of the game, virtually nothing is lost if you decide that your hand is not good enough in the beginning of the game. Being a good player, a kind of poker pros, not so easy, you need to study a lot of literature and reinforce the theory into practice, and then this game will be your constant source of income.
Modern online poker is convenient: it is enough to learn the rules of Texas hold 'em (one of the poker games) and join the global community of players.
On the Internet, many different poker rooms with their bonuses and shares interesting, here, a poker-rooms can easily find opponents your level.

There are many online rooms (with the most comprehensive list of poker rooms on the internet can be found here) where you can begin to comprehend the basics of poker. Internet - this is the best place for poker as a beginner and professional.
Everyone will find a game to your taste: Texas Hold'em ring games, tournaments, Omaha, Stud, with fixed limit, pot limit and no limit. Texas Hold'em poker is probably the easiest version igry.Ona same and the most popular for this reason.

Play online poker - popular because you're playing with real people you can communicate with them to learn from their skills and opyt.V online poker can be played as a "for fun" or free, and the real dengi.Dlya many poker is a way to relax to play for fun but for many it is earning.

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Old 09-23-2010, 09:10 PM
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I don't drink at all so for me its a non issue, but i feel like thats a sure fire way to either lose or lose more then you were prepared to, thats why the casinos will serve you all the watered down drinks you want, as long as you are gambling
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Old 01-13-2011, 09:31 AM
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I'm surprised OP is still here in it's unmodified form, as it's just spam.

Personally, a friend and I discovered that we were too nervous in live games to make the plays with the highest EV. We were too nervous/conservative.
We broke our "no booze when playing rules" and both started doing really well in live games.

Eventually I had my confidence back and no longer worried about appearing silly during live play, so I stopped drinking. He still drinks a few.

Drinking is a handicap. Period. It makes you less aware. However, if it decreases a worse problem (like being scared/nervous) then it's a benefit overall.

Online, drinking is probably a bad thing. I'll drink and play on occasion, but only in a friendly environment and then only low stakes. Over the years I've given away more than I've lost with drunk play online.
Of course, I play for fun, not profit (I've never even deposited on Full Tilt, so I don't think I can even withdraw). Any game, even when drunk, is +EV if you have more fun than the buy-in is worth to you. That is, if you have fun then every game (in your budget) is worth the buy-in.

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Old 01-15-2011, 03:50 PM
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Excellent points made by the dangerous flightless bird. Couple of additional ones. A lot of people have the live play syndrome where they need a couple of drinks to allow them to open up their games. I used to make a point of sipping (hah, right) wine during live tournaments. Then it occurred to me there was something wrong with this picture. If I didn't have the poker skills and discipline to make the optimal plays without chemical enhancement, then I should probably find a different job. In fact this is one reason that I quit drinking altogether.

Defenders of playing and drinking point to people like Scotty Nguyen who play brilliantly when splashed. The question here is: can he play brilliantly sober? If the answer is "no" I think there's a pretty clear problem. I've never met the man, but a couple of dealers I know in Vegas tell me Scotty has become increasingly weird and belligerent over the years and is a rich but miserable alcoholic.
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