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Yay HoldemFreaks Happy Birthday PokerRef Live w/Daniel $50+ Sun Oct 16

HoldemFreaks Happy Birthday PokerRef Live w/Daniel $60+ Sun Oct 16

Happy Birthday to PokerRef! The most silent player on our forum! The only player who got banned from Poker Stars chat for 2 weeks and didnt even know it!

You either love him or hate... He can be spit and vinegar or sugar and spice! Please be sure to stop by his table and wish him a Happy Birthday! He is old as sin but good as gold!!

Donations are always welcome and make this game more exciting! Please send any donation to my PayPal address at PokerFiction@aol.com


1) $25 Rasie,Ha!
2) $25 CaliNaughti
3) $10 Aunt Lolly

I will update as donations come in.

Please specify Birthday in the comments so I dont get mixed up!

****Raise,Ha! wont be making payouts till Wed, he is out of town****

Pays 4 places! You wont want to miss this game!

Thank you Raise,Ha! for your generousity in your $25 donation for this game! Your incrediably awesome!!!

HoldemFreaks SitnGo! Every Tues and Sat at 21:00! Get paid that night!! No Rake but you can Stake! See Cali for details!! Games are usually $5 or $10 to play! End of month game is always $25! Everyone loves to win cash! Join in the fun!

*** Everyone is welcome! ***

What a FANTASTIC turnout last week! Its great to see you all there! Be sure to get registered! More the merrier! Welcome all new and old players!!!

Please supply an address to mail winnings or PayPal address to send with in 5 days. HoldemFreaks reserves the right to return winnings not claimed back to the club after 5 days.***

Any music requests please email neolakraj at neolakraj@gmail.com Also any messages or birthday shout outs please send in! Thanks from Daniel aka Neo aka Neolakraj..your the best!!! :music

Be sure to message Neo to let him know what you'd like to hear!

New Leagues forming NO! Join in the fun! See forum!

Please join in the fun with Jedi Greg on Friday Nights F.U.C.K You Fridays! Get your game on!!

Last Sunday Winners:

Main Game $25: D'Jazz

WarmUp: Gwaipo

Please join us again in tonights games!
Every one is welcome to play!!

The stage is set; all you have to do is turn up and play! The tourney details are:

$60+ Pays 4
Club ID: 32016
Date: 2016/10/16 21:35 ET
Game Type: NLHE 5 min blinds
Betting Structure:
Buy-in: 500+30
Payout Structure: Top 15%
Starting chips 5K

Early Bird 3Min Blinds
STUD H/L Fast & Furious
Time: 21:00
Starting Chips: 5000

How to become a HoldemFreaks Home Game Player

You are invited to join my private poker club for Home Games online.

- If you don't already have it, download the free PokerStars software
from http://www.pokerstars.net/poker/download/
- Open the main poker lobby, then click on the Home Games tab
- Click the 'Join a Poker Club' button
- Enter my Club ID number: 32016
- Enter my Invitation Code: nogutsnonuts
You Can Cash With Skill
You Can Go Deep With Skill
You Can't Win Without Luck

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of the donkey, I will fear no river....

I Fear No Stack


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Send a message via Skype™ to neolakraj

If you would like to call in to the RADIO show and wish Ref Happy Birthday you can call in on SKYPE - my username is neolakraj - you can find me neolakraj@gmail.com OR if you don't want to use skype you can call me +61390187627 and it will call me on skype. You can do that from any phone, but remember it is an Australian number, so extra charges may apply
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