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Old 07-26-2010, 11:16 AM
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Default What do you think about PKR?

In past few months I play there because there give good opportunities.
You can start from zero ( giveaway tournaments ) and build your bankroll.
I didn't see that on other poker softwares...Casino Bellini

Discovery, which took a lot of controversy in the theory, a few decades ago, to the researchers. After analyzing several hundred people, scientists came to the conclusion that there is a category of persons, in which extreme propensity to gamble is combined with a weak will. Should such a person get into the casino, it is within a short time online casino

becomes dependent on the game, in other words, he develops Gamblers. The occasion to speak of the horrible dependence, which is akin to alcohol and drug, appeared in 1980. Then the scientists first coined the term officially, and identified them disease. Then conducted research has shown that European countries have a range of weak-
Casino Millionaire
willed people and gambling, as evidenced by the fact that Gamblers can not stretch to call one per cent of all Danes, and some hundreds of thousands of Germans. And from all these people depending on the game shows in a pathological form. Data for Russia, they probably optimistic hzotya, by the way, thorough investigation of the mental state of Russians in the country to engage in large scale was too busy, and a special
casino blackjack

distribution of gambling for the time being did not have any. Interestingly, against the background of the Europeans, Russians appear exclusively spiritual giants, indifferent to the lights of the casino - the entire history of the Ministry of Health in him to complain about gambling addiction addressed only two hundred people. Of these, only a quarter considered truly sick people who should be treated. Statistics on these little numerical Gamblers looks like - the overwhelming majority of them - men and Casino Las Vegas

preferences are distributed not only in gambling, such as machines and horse racing, but also significantly related to alcohol and drugs. Like any kind of dependence, Gamblers typical for single people, not very confident, and here the reason is closely connected with the investigation. In addition, uterzhdayut Australian scientists, many of these people are critically low levels of dopamine (the substance that affects the life online slot casinos
satisfaction) in the body, and they have to take risks, to seek the thrill to get pleasure. There is another kind of Gamblers - are those who are prepared to squander all that is, in the hope of getting a huge win. The obsession of the vast winnings keeps these people in the casino, and they represent a very sad sight. For research in this direction are connected and sociologists. They argue that one percent of the world's population is sick Gamblers. Above is a problem is very serious, and the world struggles with the Gamblers. In particular, in the U.S. principle of Alcoholics Anonymous society exists anonymous players. And in Europe, treatment of such people do - the task of the state. The most "advanced" country in this respect is Germany. There are a number of programs under which the casino re-education of players, treat them and provide educational services.

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Old 07-26-2010, 11:46 AM
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Can do that from any poker site
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Old 07-27-2010, 12:42 AM
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except most wont let you cash out until you deposit
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Old 07-30-2010, 07:48 AM
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Originally Posted by stlouisray View Post
except most wont let you cash out until you deposit
Or you accumulate more than what the original prize (bonus) was.
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