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Old 12-24-2015, 12:49 AM
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Yay Results HoldemFreaks $5 + $5 BountySitnGo Dec22

Thank you all for participating in our very first HoldemFreaks $5 Bounty Game! We had 15 players last night that all paid $5 to play and $5 Bounty. A total of $10 each! Thats $75 in payouts and $75 in Bounties! It was alot of fun and pretty exciting! I was however, the first to go out! Bullish06 got my $5 Bounty!

Thank you to JediGreg for the FANTASTIC radio show he put on for us all. I loved all the music! I think he played all my favorite songs!

A HUGE thank you to Tenstiks (Stella) who kept track of the bounties for me as I left to go to a Christmas Party around 7:30. I am buying her next $5 SitnGo buyin for this. Or $5 towards any game she wants.

This game is a game I would like to do again very soon..once a month!! Let me know if you all liked it! We can always switch it up to more or less for the bounties.

1) 37.50 pjn52 + $20 for Bullish06, Aunt Lolly, Tenstiks and her own bounty

2) $22.50 Tenstiks + $10 for dizz and jjg

3)$15 jjg + $5 for dad

The rest of bounties were paid as:
Bullish06 $5 for Cali
Pcocklady $5 for Outlaw Dick
Dizz $10 Teacher Pro and SSIslandgirl
OhPokerGal $5 for SSMartin
dad $10 for JediGreg and OhPokerGal
Aunt Lolly for $5 PcockLady
Merry Christmas everyone!!!
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